Flowing parameters such as rates and pressures seen at surface can tell us a great deal about reservoir and completion performance. However, quite often sub-optimal methods of data acquisition are used to acquire the data used for evaluating well performance. It is important for those responsible for data acquisition in the field to have a working knowledge of how to properly assess the quality of measurements (Refer to: URTeC 2515 “An Examination of the Effects of Surface Data Acquisition Methods on Well Performance Evaluation and Completion Optimization” for a more detailed discussion on how measurements effect well performance)

The Revo iQ® software allows for automated data acquisition and on demand visualization of all the primary parameters of interest collected during production testing. This enables testing teams to quickly identify measurement errors, improve test data quality, and increase confidence in assessing well performance

The Revo iQ® software has 5 primary sections for data visualization:

  • Section 1 – Revo iQ® Key Performance Indicators
  • Section 2 – Production History Plot
  • Section 3 – Production Ratios Plot
  • Section 4 – Separator Data Plot
  • Section 5 – Fluid Sample Data Plot

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Initial Production Testing: Measurement Diagnostics