The Revo engineering team is continuously looking for ways to help customers better manage their assets to efficiently improve production. We provide several reservoir engineering services with a primary focus on diagnostic evaluation and choke management during early time flowback & well testing. This focus on early time unconventional well behavior allows us to provide customers a unique service tailored to each individual well.

Flowback and Well Test Analysis

Real time diagnostic evaluation and choke management during the early time flowback and well test phase

  • Tailored flowback solution to manage pressure drawdown
  • Minimize proppant flowback and reduce formation and completion damage
  • Maximize well productivity, improve deliverability, and increase economic value

Post Flowback and Well Test Analysis

Determine key performance indicators of a well

  • Assess well performance
    • Comparative analysis and completion evaluation
  • Evaluate correlations between completion parameters and well performance to determine optimal completion design
  • Benchmark completion and reservoir quality
  • Utilize results to tailor future completion designs and improve operational efficiencies

Extended Production Analysis

Evaluate and maximize drawdown to help prolong the life of the well

  • Rate transient and decline curve analysis
  • Single or multi-well analytical and numerical history matching, modelling and forecasting
  • Regional type curves

Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests

Determine reservoir and frac design parameters in low permeability wells

  • Test design, data collection, and analysis

Pressure Transient Tests

Determine reservoir properties such as reservoir pressure, skin factor, permeability

  • Test design and analysis
  • Build ups, drawdown, multi-rate
  • History matching and modelling