The Revo engineering team is continuously looking for ways to help customers better manage their assets to efficiently improve production. We provide several reservoir engineering services with a primary focus on diagnostic evaluation and choke management during early-time flowback & well testing. This focus on early time unconventional well behavior allows us to provide customers a unique service tailored to each individual well.

Reservoir Engineering Consulting 

Proprietary engineering workflows in combination with Revo iQ® software to maximize well performance through drawdown optimization

  • Improve NPV without significantly impacting long term EUR by tailoring a flowback strategy for every well
  • Minimize proppant flowback using proprietary models to determine the mobilization velocity as a function of the confinement stress
  • Optimize initial drawdown strategy via RAPD™ & APEX™
  • Benchmark completion and reservoir quality
  • Evaluate the well performance via RevoFlo™ and Foresight™ workflows at the end of clean up

RevoFlo™ Well Performance Evaluation

The RevoFlo™ workflow applies straight line diagnostic methods to the production data to build an analytical model to uniquely determine reservoir pressure, permeability, fracture half-length, fracture spacing, and dominant fractures

  • Assess early time well performance
    • Comparative analysis and completion evaluation
  • Evaluate correlations between completion parameters and well performance to determine optimal completion design
  • Benchmark completion and reservoir quality
  • Utilize results to tailor future completion designs and improve operational efficiencies

Foresight™ Production Forecast

A production forecast generated from a numerical model derived from our RevoFlo™ analysis using initial production data (30-60 days) to determine production rate decline trends and Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR)

  • The fracture half-length and permeability determined from the RevoFlo™ workflow used to forecast production