Revo Testing Technologies is the first software solution provider focused on improving reservoir and completion performance in real-time by leveraging unique reservoir insights and automated physics-based analysis

Current Job Openings

Reservoir Operations Engineer (Remote)

Revo Testing Technologies is primarily responsible for developing and deploying advanced well testing diagnostic software for the real time evaluation of unconventional wells.

The ideal candidate will:

Be Adaptable. Things can change very quickly. You could be working on a project for a month and then we decide we need to change directions. You could work on 3 projects in a day and never get to finish any of them. It is what it is. Work hard all day.

Be Humble. We work remotely. You have to trust that everyone is working hard and the work everyone is doing is important.

Be Coachable. Be open to asking for and receiving feedback, looking inward at how you can move forward, and being interested in growth. Don’t take things personally or as a criticism, instead see it as an opportunity.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Education:2023-02-15T10:14:22-06:00
  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering or equivalent from an accredited University, Masters or Ph.D. preferred
  • 5+ years of relevant industry experience working as a Petroleum Engineer with a major emphasis on Reservoir Engineering for unconventional wells and minor emphasis on completions and facilities engineering
  • Working experience with Rate Transient Analysis, Decline Curves, and Analytical / Numerical well modelling and production forecasting for unconventional wells
  • Programming experience (Example: Python, VBA, JavaScript, C++, SQL)
  • General knowledge of the equipment used in flowback and well testing and how it is operated
  • General knowledge of methods for completing unconventional wells
  • General knowledge of fracture mechanics and stimulation design
  • Knowledge of a variety of reservoir basins in the U.S.
  • Advanced PC skills, particularly in Excel and PowerPoint
  • Strong analytical, problem solving, and critical thinking skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, the capability of independent thought and action, and the ability to work with minimal supervision using sound judgment. Must have excellent people skills
  • Excellent organizational skills: ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously under tight deadlines in a competent and professional manner
  • Ability to work remotely within a team (experience using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.)
  • Experience with the acquisition of oil and gas data from commercial industry databases (e.g., Drilling Info) and from state regulatory bodies such as the Texas Railroad Commission
Preferred Experience:2023-02-15T10:11:56-06:00
  • Artificial Lift Experience. Knowledge about types of artificial lift and how it’s operated
  • Facilities Automation and SCADA experience. Using Ignition SCADA (or similar) and connecting instruments with a database
  • Data Science Experience. Manipulating large data sets from a variety of sources and employing data analysis techniques and using machine learning software (JMP, MATLAB, etc.)
  • Field experience in either completions (hydraulic fracturing multistage horizontal wells) and/or flowback and well testing
  • Experience working for a service provider