The Revo iQ® software allows operators to maximize the performance of every well from flowback through long-term production utilizing automated rate transient analysis (RTA), easy-to-use visualizations, and newly developed forecasting methods.

Revo iQ® Flowback and Production Management Software Suite

Introducing the only commercially available software package to give you the ability to understand well performance hour by hour, allowing you to flow your well back as fast as possible while maintaining the effectiveness of your completion and reducing damage to the reservoir

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Revo iQ® Software: Real-Time Reservoir Tools for Every Discipline

Revo iQ® Overview

  • A real-time visualization and automated analysis tool
    • Automated rate transient analysis (RTA): RAPD™ and APEX™
    • Unique bottomhole pressure correlations
    • Easy-to-use visualizations
  • Data from a myriad of sensors streams directly onto your desktop or mobile device
    • Enhanced flowback / production visualization and surveillance over SCADA
    • Full oversight of well testing operations and well performance
    • Revo well concierge ensures clean data 24/7
    • Push data back to your own internal databases and software suites
  • Compare offset wells in the same geological area
  • Optimize ESP and other artificial lift methods to protect your reservoir and completion
  • Evaluate the short- and long-term impacts of choke changes
Well Performance Management in the Palm of your Hand

Revo iQ® Automated Rate Transient Analysis

Revo Automated Performance Diagnostics (RAPD™) and Automated Performance Maximum (APEX™)

  • Automated production performance diagnostic tools that optimize drawdown and quickly identify decreases in well performance in real-time by automatically matching analytical models to production data every hour
      • Magnitude of change in productivity from model matches are presented in convenient colors for easy interpretation
      • Hour by hour well performance diagnostics for real-time feedback on choke recommendations
      • Integrate directly with any software package or auto choke
      • Model differences in cumulative volume
Well Performance Management in the Palm of your Hand

Revo iQ® Mobile Surveillance

  • IoT Enabled Data Entry, Automation and Viewing
    • View data and plots on demand from your phone
    • Receive notification when production milestones are reached or when potential measurement errors are identified
    • Automatically stream data from multiple sensors or manually enter and view the raw data anytime, anywhere on desktop or mobile
    • Automated emails to receive data and reports at any frequency needed

Revo iQ® Real Time Well Comparison Utility

  • Well Performance Comparisons
    • Use offset well performance to drive flowback strategies
    • Early identification of relative difference in well performance
    • Identify parent-child well effects
    • Evaluate gas cycle EOF effectiveness

Revo iQ® Software Brochure

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