Its been a challenging month dealing with the market crash and rapid spread of COVID-19. Businesses and travel have been slowed to a snails pace as many people have been self quarantining to reduce the spread. This is a particularly challenging time for those people that are considered to be high risk with the disease. Marci Kerls, our Team Lead for Reservoir engineering knew this was the time to help those who needed it most.

With many organizations encouraging social distancing, the MD Anderson blood bank was receiving significantly less donations than normal and had requested any willing and able donors to make an appointment quickly to get much needed blood to patients in Houston. Marci took the initiative to organize a Revo blood donation.

On April 1st members of the Revo team temporarily removed themselves from isolation to donate blood. We were so glad we had the opportunity to be part of this and very proud to have members of our team like Marci that are looking for ways to help people in times of need. If you are interested in donating blood to the MD Anderson Blood Bank you can make an appointment at