Combining unique reservoir analytics, best in class equipment and field services, and innovative data solutions to create a revolutionary flowback and well test provider for the 21st century.

The initial flowback and production of hydraulically fractured wells represents a critical stage in the life of the asset. Poor service quality and/or overly aggressive choke management can not only damage the completion but also cause a decrease in short and long term well performance. Conversely, overly conservative flowback strategies can result in missed opportunities for high initial production. Although, recent studies have concluded that IP is not the best metric for well performance and can most often be very misleading to investors/shareholders in evaluating the performance of a well or set of wells.

Revo Testing Technologies does not only insure a higher operating standard, but also introduces new reservoir analytics and data delivery for improved well performance management throughout the life of the asset. The flowback segment in many ways operates the same it did 20 years ago, Revo is changing this mentality. We employ new technologies and methodologies to drive value for our customers consistently and repeatedly.