Revo has designed industry leading hardware to deliver accurate production measurement, and to minimize downtime and decision-making. Our automated well test packages provide not only improved separation efficiency but also reduced HSE exposure.

Automated Well Testing Package

  • 1440 PSI Four Phase Separator, Sour Service
    • Fully Automated Control & Measurement
    • Reduced Hazard Exposure and Environmental Impact
    • Improved Separation Efficiency via Proprietary Internals
    • Data on Demand & Well Site Transparency
    • Superior Data Quality Acquisition
  • High Pressure Pipe Skid with Manifold
    • Engineered for Self-Containment
    • Integral Pipe
  • Command Center
    • Incorporated into the Unit Design
  • 8” 60’ Hydraulic Flare Stack
    • Efficiency Tip and Auto Igniter
    • Modular Design
  • Generator Skid

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Revo’s Automated Well Testing System Brochure

1440 PSI 4-Phase Separator: Improved data acquisition systems for more frequent and higher quality production measurement

Field Operations/Production Consultant

For operations without equipment needs, Revo can provide specially trained well test field personnel to all US basins. Our personnel can be on location to ensure proper equipment operation and measurement to improve test data quality.

  • Consultative pre-job design and planning
  • Onsite supervision and technical support of flowback & well test operations in the following areas:
    • Drillout & solids management
    • Pad well completions
    • High pressure/high temperature & high rate/high volume flow test
    • Extended production thru facilities
  • Ensure operations are carried out with the best oilfield practices and in accordance with company standards
  • Verify data measurement accuracy and quality necessary for diagnostic analysis
  • Daily operational progress updates and clear communication with key stakeholders

Experienced Well Test Consultant: Ensures safe operations and accurate measurements needed for well test management