Revo is a flowback and well testing company bringing unique technology to the business and are looking to add experienced individuals to help us grow in South Texas

Current Job Openings

South Texas Sales Representative

Revo Testing Technologies is seeking a highly motivated sales representative to join our team.

Roles and Responsibilities:2019-04-12T12:18:50-06:00
  • Identify, develop, and close sales opportunities
  • Lead meetings and technical presentations to existing/prospective customers
  • Assist in setting sales plans and strategies
  • Manage multiple accounts simultaneously
  • Establish relationships with existing and new customers
  • Travel throughout Texas to visit customers on a recurring basis
  • Visit field sites regularly in South Texas to consult with customers and other stakeholders
  • Act as customer interface with operations and understand client plans and problems
  • Maintain records of all sales leads and/or customer accounts using CRM
  • Monitor the company’s industry competitors, new products, and market conditions
Qualification and Experience:2019-04-12T12:15:20-06:00
  • Minimum High School / GED. Prefer candidates with Bachelor’s degree
  • 3+ years of flowback and well test related sales experience is preferred but not mandatory
  • Ability to communicate effectively with field personnel, client representatives, and management
  • Willingness to travel
  • Self-motivated, independent and able to work with little supervision
  • Based in San Antonio is preferred but not mandatory

Flow Testing Supervisor

Pleasanton, TX

Roles and Responsibilities:2019-04-12T12:17:29-06:00
  • Ensure the correct selection of all equipment for the job. Testing supervisor must have knowledge in separator design and government regulations. It is important to select the proper equipment for each job.  Undersized equipment can lead to hazardous results. While oversized equipment will lead to low accuracy and disappointing results. These duties include:
    • Sizing of separator and flow line;
    • Sizing of flare stack; and
    • Selection of real time data system.
  • Rig up and calibration of equipment. Safety is always a main priority on any job. In many cases rigging up of equipment can be one of the more hazardous operations encountered. Often there are multiple trucks moving equipment onto a location while other equipment is being demobilized. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that all on site personnel are aware of operations at all times. This is achieved by holding tail gate safety meetings. All such meetings must be documented. Once the testing equipment is set up a series of inspections and calibrations must be completed. These include and are not limited to:
    • Ensuring equipment is set up to all government regulations;
    • Inspection of safety equipment;
    • Meter calibration of differential and static elements pressures;
    • Calibration of real time pressure and temp transducers;
    • Setting up flow computer for data entry; and
    • Purging air from system.
  • Flow back and data analysis. Monitoring flow conditions continuously is a supervisory must. It is important to recognize the signs of any impending flow difficulties. Early recognition of problems such as well bore freezing or choke erosion can be the difference between a successful or disastrous job. These duties include although not limited to:
    • Supervising all on site personnel to maintain safe operating conditions;
    • Monitoring equipment and well conditions;
    • Gather and extrapolate pertinent well data;
    • Data input;
    • Creating on site flow reports and charts;
    • Providing gas and liquid analysis;
    • Organizing fluid storage and removal from location; and
    • Troubleshooting and field repairs of all equipment.
  • Rig down and demobilization of equipment. Upon completion of production testing all equipment must be purged and cleaned of contaminants. All equipment repairs must be completed, recorded and charged back to the oil company. All flow data must be finalized and reported to customer as soon as possible. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to tie up any loose ends. These duties include and not limited to:
    • Delivering well data and sample information to customer;
    • Repairs to equipment;
    • Calibration checks on data sensors and gas meters;
    • Ensuring all equipment is returned to its point of origin; and
    • Leave the location in the same condition as it was found in.